About the federation


It was founded on December 23, 1993. Today it is a powerful sports organization that takes part in the education of patriots of Ukraine, a healthy nation and a successful younger generation. Develops hand-to-hand combat as a kind of sports and has significant achievements in the All-Ukrainian and international sports arenas.


Over the long history of its existence, the Federation has brought up thousands of successful people, patriots of their country, its strong and courageous defenders. We have our representative offices in all regions of Ukraine and in the Kyiv city, more than 200 local units. More than 200 thousand athletes of different age categories are involved in hand-to-hand combat classes, more than 500 thousand representatives of the military and law enforcement agencies are engaged in this sport as part of professional training.  Among the achievements of the All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation are 15 honored coaches of Ukraine, 5 honored masters of sports, 74 masters of sports of international class and more than 300 masters of sports of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Since 1995, the Federation has been a member of the IBF, the International Martial Arts Association, which has representatives in more than 30 different countries around the world.
  • Since 2005, hand-to-hand combat as a kind of sports has been recognized as a martial arts sport at the IBF World Congress and European and global competitions have been established.
  • In 2020, the All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation became a member of the CSIT (“International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation”), which is an Institute of the International Olympic Committee. Due to our powerful achievements in the international sports arena and our credibility among the international community, we managed to win the right to host the World Hand-to-Hand Combat Championship in Ukraine. Already in October of this year, according to preliminary data, athletes from 50 countries of the world will visit Ukraine!
  • The All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation cooperates with numerous state bodies, military and law enforcement agencies.


Hand-to-hand combat is a comprehensive combat system, the technical arsenal of which includes punches and kicks, throws, painful and suffocating techniques, as well as work against various types of weapons. This sport has been changing and improving for a long time and has moved from the position of a special sport in the training program of the Armed Forces and police to a national sport, which athletes of all ages are engaged in today.


During hand-to-hand combat training, athletes work out dangerous life situations, prepare for real conflicts, teach how to behave in stressful situations and get out of difficult situations with a cold mind. They also conduct self-defense classes. At each lesson, willpower is tested. This is also the case of fighting your own fears, which cannot be overcome without meeting them face to face.


Hand-to-hand combat is included in the Unified Sports classification of Ukraine in non-Olympic sports as an Independent Sport, which allows hand-to-hand athletes to receive well-deserved sports titles. Every year it becomes even more popular as a sport not only among the security forces and military personnel, but also as a national sport.


Hand-to-hand combat is prestigious and spectacular. This is strength and protection. This is pride and safety. This is a unifying sport! And it has every chance to become a national sport that will unite not only the sports community, but also the whole country.


Radchenko Yurii Anatoliiovych – President of the All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation

Honored Worker of Physical Culture and sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine, candidate of sciences in physical education and sports, associate professor

Kmita Andrii Fedorovych – First vice president

Major General


Head of international activities

Derevianko Ivan Mykhailovych – Vice President

Honored lawyer of Ukraine, candidate of legal sciences, lieutenant general of justice


Head of legal activities

Ostafiichuk Hryhorii Volodymyrovych – Vice President

Major General of Justice


Head of applied sports

Radchenko Andrii Anatoliiovych – Vice President

Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine


Head of the sports reserve training and Information Support Division

Bilko Oleh Anatoliiovych – Vice President

Honored coach of Ukraine, master of the 7th dan rank in hand-to-hand combat, judge of the international category


Head of the qualification area of activities

Svirid Anatolii Oleksiiovych – Vice President

Holder of the order “For Courage” of the 3rd degree and “For Merit” of the 3rd degree


Head of the direction for increasing mass popularity and attractiveness as a sport

Honorary members

Zhurovskyi Mykhailo Zakharovych – Honorary President

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Minister of Education of Ukraine (1994-1999), Rector of the National Technical University “Igor Sikorsky  Polytechnic Institute of Kyiv”(since 1992)

Krutov Vasyl Vasyliovych – Honorary President

Founder and Honorary President of the Federal Security Service of Ukraine, Master of Sports of the USSR in Greco-Roman wrestling, Master of the 6th Dan rank in hand-to-hand combat, Doctor of Law, Professor, Lieutenant General of the Security Service of Ukraine

Hartvych Oleksandr Heorhiiovych – Honorary President

Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine

Heletei Valerii Viktorovych – Honorary Vice President

Ukrainian serviceman, colonel-general, head of the Department of State Protection of Ukraine (2007–2009, 2014, from October 15, 2014 to May 29, 2019). Minister of Defense of Ukraine (from July 3 to October 14, 2014)

Federation Council

Board of Trustees


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