All-Ukrainian Federation of hand-to-hand combat

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you to the official website of the All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation!


The Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation is a team of dedicated people, a team of mentors and professionals who work to make hand-to-hand combat an effective tool in the implementation of state social policy. We work to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle among children and young people, for the comprehensive development and improvement of the nation, to prepare young people for the defense of the country, to increase the authority of Ukraine in the International Sports Arena.


We have many things to be proud of and are happy to share our success with you. At the same time, we set ambitious goals for ourselves. Our main goal is to make as many athletes as possible engaged in this spectacular and courageous kind of sports for real defenders and patriots, so that the national anthem of Ukraine can be played in the world and our blue and yellow flag flutter thanks to our athletes.


Best regards,

President of the All-Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation

Yurii Radchenko

Do not miss...

The Cup of the President of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat will held on August 21

All-Ukrainian hand-to-hand combat federation holds a large-scale sports event, for which we have been waiting for two years!


Already on August 21 in the Palace of Sports will be held the Cup of the President of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat among combined teams of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, law enforcement and special state organizations.


The competition is included in the plan of official events to prepare and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine!


We are looking forward to this competition and have already begun our preparations! It will be extremely spectacular!