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Hand-to-hand combat certification was performed in Kyiv city

June 16, 2021

On June 12 in Kyiv city, All-Ukrainian advanced training seminar for masters of hand-to-hand combat was held. Qualification seminar and examination for the right to hold a Black belt in hand-to-hand combat and opportunity to get the next belt was held according to the calendar plan of All-Ukrainian hand-to-hand combat federation.


The event was held under the guidance of the President of All-Ukrainian hand-to-hand combat federation Mr. Yurii Radchenko, the Chairman of the Certification commission on the hand-to-hand combat Mr. Oleh Bilko, and instructors: Mr. Victor Adobash and Mr. Andrii Ushynkin.


“In various types of martial arts the Belt has always been a symbol of a warrior. The Black belt in hand-to-hand combat is a symbol of many years of super hard work, high level of mastering techniques, and most importantly, a stable level of psychological readiness and fighting spirit! I welcome new representatives to the family of hand-to-hand combat masters. Hand-to-hand combat is cool and modern, it is personal safety, safety of family and our country”, – noted the President of the Federation.


The seminar was attended by the masters from different cities of Ukraine, both beginners and experienced athletes and coaches, heads of departments and units.


The candidates for the right to obtain the Black belt in hand-to-hand combat performed complex elements, practiced combination speed hitting and throwing techniques, showed how perfectly they perform submission lock and submission hold techniques, able to free themselves from grapples (with element of surprise), as well as to defend themselves from different positions (standing, sitting, lying) from simultaneous attack by several opponents.


The participants successfully mastered with all complex tasks and confirmed their qualification. Consequently, during the qualifying examination all applicants have shown the appropriate degree in all levels of proficiency inherent in hand-to-hand combat.


We congratulate all participants of the certification with awarding of deserved degrees of proficiency in hand-to-hand combat!