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Ukraine will celebrate the Coach day on July 19

June 29, 2021

Since 2021, all the coaches in Ukraine will celebrate their professional holiday on July 19. The other day by his Decree the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi created a new professional holiday – the Coach day.


Thus, the President of Ukraine by his Decree No. 263 / 2021 in support of the initiative of physical culture and sports workers in Ukraine decided the following:


-To establish a professional holiday in Ukraine – the Coach day, which shall be celebrated annually on July 19.


-This Decree shall enter into force from the date of its publication.


As of June 24, this Decree is in effect. From now and every year we will welcome our coaches with their professional holiday, thanking them for their dedicated titanic work, for the support and contribution to each of their trainee, for excitement for the team, for the great victories in the national and international sports arenas.


Congratulations to all persons involved!


Source: DECREE № 263/2021 of the PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE – The official website of the President of Ukraine