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Hand-to-hand combat Cup was held in Volyn (city of Torchyn)

July 1, 2021

On June 27th, the Federation of hand-to-hand combat in the city Lutsk city under guidance of Mr. Dmytro Hrysiuk and Volyn regional sports club “Magister” organized the Cup in hand-to-hand combat in the city of Torchyn. The competitions were held among boys and girls of junior and middle ages in two sections: “demonstration of technique” (in the format of the first round of hand-to-hand combat) and “duel meets” (wall-to-wall).


The event was held in central square of the city of Torchyn as part of the Youth day celebration. In the “demonstration of technique” section, athletes tested their technical skills, stress resistance and ability to make decisions under unforeseen circumstances and limited time. So, each participant of this section of competitions after quickly returning to face the opponent tested the sudden attack with a blow with hand, leg, knife, stick and capturing of body or arm. Reflecting the attack of the conditional opponent, the athlete had to “hit” and completely “disarm” the opponent. Technical actions of the athlete and decisions taken were evaluated by referees on a scale from zero to ten points.


Therefore, the greatest points among the athletes received the following persons:


10-11 years old: Valerii Maher – III place, Dmytro Sakhniuk – II place, Denys Koliada – I place;


12-13 years old: the same amount of points was scored by Maksym Tserkevych and Maksym Korzhov – III place, Mykhailo Tkachuk and Anatolii Mytiuk – II place, Dmytro Zinik – I place;


14-15 years old: Oleh Shchebet – III place, Ivan Kukharyk – II place, Dmytro Oliferovych – I place;


Among girls: Victoria Shabala – III place, Anna Halytska – II place, Oleksandra Hrysiuk – I place.


The culmination of the event were the duel meets (“wall-to-wall”) between four teams: Kivertsi, Torchyn and two teams from the city of Lutsk. Each team consisted of seven athletes representing the weight categories to 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and over 55 kg. The victory of the athlete in the fight brought the team one point, defeat – zero.


In a fierce but friendly confrontation, with extraordinary support of the audience, Torchyn team consisting of: Oleksandr Oleniuk, Denis Koliada, Oleksandr Chlek, Anatolii Mytiuk, Artem Rykhliuk, Mykhailo Tkachuk, Maksym Senkov, won the third place. The second place was taken by the team from Lutsk consisting of athletes: Mykola Kuchabskyi, Daniil Yatsiuk, Tymur Peknyi, Ostap Mykhalchuk, Dmytro Svystak, Dmytro Oliferovych, Ivan Kukharyk. And the winner of the Cup in hand-to-hand combat was a team from Lutsk consisting of: Yurii Martyniuk, Roman Hres, Dmytro Ozerov, Dmytro Zinyk, Daniil Yarmoliuk, Maksym Soloninka, Oleh Shchebet.


By the decision of main panel of referees were additionally awarded the following persons: “For will to win and fighting qualities” – Vadym Bychok, “For best technique” – Maksym Soloninka.


Photo report is available here.


According to the Federation of hand-to-hand combat in the city of Lutsk.