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Athlete from Chernivtsi became a Master of Sports of Ukraine in hand-to-hand fighting

September 1, 2021

Athlete from Chernivtsi, Valentyn Zhurakivskyi, was awarded the honorary title of “Master of Sports of Ukraine in hand-to-hand fighting”. Every victory, every achievement, every title is a long-term hard work. Behind each medal of the athlete are years of training and work on themselves, the help and guidance of the coach, the support of family and friends.


The athlete told what difficulties he overcame to get the honorary title, whom he is grateful for his contribution to his development and what achievements he is especially proud of.


Valentyn Zhurakivskyi, Chernivtsi, 18 years old, student of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University


“Before starting my sports career, I set a clear goal – to get the highest sports title. It took me more than 3 years to get my first serious results. Thanks to the hard work, support of my mother and brother, a huge contribution to my development of my coach, Ivan Kyrylovych Shtefiuk, I became a Master of Sports. My coach spends a lot of time so that we, the athletes, develop and compete at a high level with athletes not only from Ukraine, but also internationally.


I would like to especially thank my brother Anatolii Zhurakivskyi, who is always there, prompts, guides and helps. He is a Master of Sports of international class in hand-to-hand fighting. We have already become a good family tradition to engage in hand-to-hand fighting! I am overwhelmed with pride that another Master of Sports of Ukraine in hand-to-hand fighting has appeared in a powerful team of hand-to-hand fighters of Chernivtsi region. I am proud of all my victories, because I put a lot of effort into each of them, I constantly train and harden my willpower and endurance. In the future I plan to continue intensive training, to please relatives and friends with my achievements, especially my mother and coach. I believe there are many more victories ahead! And I will make every effort to bring more than one gold to the treasury of Ukrainian victories. Thank you to everyone who supported, gave instructions, cheered and believed in me!”


The leadership and staff of the All-Ukrainian Federation of hand-to-hand fighting sincerely congratulates Valentyn Zhurakivskyi on an important sporting achievement. We are extremely proud of the achievements of our athletes and wish that as many of our melee athletes as possible receive the highest sports titles!