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A new Training and Methodological Manual for police officers has been developed

April 5, 2024

In order to improve the quality of training of police officers and the organization of practical classes in the service training system of the National Police of Ukraine, specialists of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Hand-to-Hand Combat and the Department of Personnel Support of the National Police Force have developed a new educational and methodological manual “Use of Physical Force by Policemen”.

The authors of the guide were outstanding experts in the field of physical training and personal safety:
Yury Anatoliyovych Radchenko – candidate of sciences in physical education and sports, honored coach of Ukraine, president of the All-Ukrainian hand-to-hand combat federation.
Turchenyuk Volodymyr Ivanovych – a specialist in combat and special training, a judge of the international category.
Andrii Anatoliyovych Radchenko – honored coach of Ukraine, vice-president of the VFRB.
Krasnovyd Andrii Serhiyovych – deputy head of the department of professional training of the Department of Personnel Support of the NPU.
Mykola Mykolayovych Stadnyk is the chief inspector of the vocational training department of the Department of Personnel Support of the NPU.

In the State Institution of Professional Education “Patrol Police Academy” with the participation of the author’s team, during a seminar with personal safety instructors, the above manual was presented.

This training manual will become an important methodological support for the training process in the work of personal safety instructors during the training of police officers and the application of the skills they have acquired during the performance of official tasks.