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The Ukrainian Championship with hand-to-hand combat has successfully completed!

April 18, 2024

Змагання пройшли під гаслом “Шануємо воїнів, готуємося до захисту вітчизни”, відображаючи дух патріотизму та спортивного духу. Цей захід був організований Всеукраїнською федерацією рукопашного бою з підтримкою Міністерства молоді та спорту України з метою популяризації цього виду спорту та залучення молоді до здорового способу життя.

12-13th quarter of 2024 at the Malovnichny town of Kiev in the sports arena of the VSP “OFC named after Ivan Poddubny NUFVSU” the spluttering Championship of Ukraine will be celebrated in hand-to-hand combat. These organizations brought together the strongest athletes from 10 to 17 years from all corners of Ukraine to demonstrate their authority and mastery in this popular sport.

The celebrations took place under the tune of “We are marching the warriors, preparing for the end of the slaughter,” representing the spirit of patriotism and sportsmanship. This is the start of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Hand-to-Hand Combat with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine with the method of popularizing this sport and training young people to a healthy way of life.

More than 700 young athletes from 17 regions of Ukraine took part in the competition, focusing on the sections “Advanced Contact”, “Demonstration of Technique” and “Easy Contact”. The results are spluttering:

### At the backside:
#### Dosing contact:
1️⃣ KievKiev region
2️⃣ Volinsk region
3️⃣ Dnipropetrovsk region

#### Easy contact:
1️⃣ Dnipropetrovsk region
2️⃣ Chernihiv region
3️⃣ place Kiev

Representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, members of the federation, as well as representatives of law enforcement agencies were present in the open air of Zmagan. The Protector of the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Oleksiy Nikitenko, reinforced the importance of hand-to-hand combat in the current world and gave all athletes great fights and victories. The President of the Federation noted that this approach is not only a selection of the strongest athletes, but also the identification of the desire for warriors who will protect our independence. Their struggles can be organized, carried out and taken part in the activities of various levels.

The championship has become an important cause for the sporting life of the region, reinforcing the importance and mastery of young Ukrainian athletes in this popular sport. May this event become an important platform for further popularization of hand-to-hand combat among young Ukraine!